Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maddie - New Apron in the Shoppe...

Hey ya'll, meet Maddie.. She's an old-fashioned styled apron our grandmothers might have worn..  Made of three different fabrics, one for the body, one for the contrasting pockets and yoke, and one for the binding.. In this lovely robin's egg blue print with brown paisley for contrast and finished off with a tiny printed brown binding.

This apron is such a pleasure to make.. I did adjust the pattern a bit a the neck, making it one piece instead of two with ties.. This is a size Medium.. Now, I would be happy to make one just for you in any colour combination you prefer..  Come on by the Shoppe for all the details..


  1. Oh this one is sweet country freshness! Love the blue and black beauty below too! :)

  2. cool! love the color of your apron, but this would be fab to be a mini dress. black waist apron is also good to make you feel comfortable and fresh.